Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige Electric Shaver

How Do You Choose Your Next Electric Shaver?

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The “electric shaver” can improve the efficiency of grooming whiskers and significantly reduce the possibility of scratching the skin and is an indispensable tool for male friends when grooming. But the electric shaver knife is a variety of items. The knife types and charging and washing methods are not the same. The price range is also extensive, whether for their use or as a Father’s Day gift. Many people will feel confused and do not know how to start it!

The main points of purchase of electric shaver

The following will introduce the areas to be aware of when choosing a men’s electric shaver to help you quickly identify the ideal product. Electric shavers can divide into three types according to the operation of the knife head, such as reciprocating, rotary, straight barrel, etc. The following will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type so that everyone can lock in the good goods.

Straight-barreled: Quick and clean shaving, suitable for bottomless shaving

Reciprocating blades are used similarly to traditional manuals, shaving in a straight line back and forth . The razor will first fix the hair with the outer knife net and then use the vibration of the inner blade to cut the hair. The hair can be firmly grasped during the dressing process to avoid displacement, especially suitable for handling extremely short hair roots. The straight-barrel type, which is also fixed by the knife mesh and cut with an inner edge, has a similar effect and is suitable for bottomless shaving. Coupled with the fact that reciprocating products have a large contact area with the skin, they can quickly clean the whiskers on the face, which is especially suitable for readers who want to save time and reduce irritation.

Swirling: Gentle and relatively quiet to the skin

Although the reciprocating type is easy to use, it is also easy to accidentally scratch the skin or cause a sharp sting. It is recommended that those with fragile skin can choose a rotating shaver with a gentler shaving effect. This razor characterizes by a rounded tip that rotates and cuts the whiskers neatly, with almost no pulling sensation and a quieter running sound. However, the operation requires moving the shaved blade along the contour of the face in a circular manner, and it takes a while to get used to the trick.

To enhance the profound shaving effect, please choose a style with a blade of more than three blades.

If you choose to use reciprocating, you need to pay special attention to the number of blades. The greater the number of blades, the larger the area the razor makes contact with the skin, the more efficient it can handle thick hair. At present, most commercially available products are mainly three-blade styles, so if you want to get a better profound shaving effect, or if the amount of whiskers is enormous, it recommends choosing a type with 4 to 5 blades.

Choose the appropriate power supply mode according to the frequency of use and the occasion.
The power supply of electric shaver can be mainly divided into battery and rechargeable types, and the following will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two types to help you screen products.

Rechargeable, AC type: horsepower full of shaving feels good.

The rechargeable blade has the strong horsepower, a clean feel when operating, and a sense of freedom without wires, so today’s mainstream products are almost always rechargeable. However, the rechargeable blade also has the disadvantages of short endurance and easy to forget to charge. Suppose you do not want the use time to be limited by the storage capacity. In that case, it is recommended to choose a commodity that can be directly powered by alternating current so that you can enjoy a light operation when the power is full. When the power is almost out, you can continue to run as long as the wire is plugged in.

Battery: Suitable for use when traveling

The advantage of the battery type is that it can be started as long as the battery is put in, which is convenient for carrying around and is suitable for use when traveling or traveling on business. However, because the battery needs to be replaced from time to time, it will be a lot of overhead over time. It is recommended to use it as a temporary spare item in the car, office, or briefcase in case of emergency.

Choose a style that is easy to clean

The cleaning method of the electric shaver can divide into three modes: manual, washable, and fully automatic, of which manual needs to use a small brush to clean the slag stuck in the blade. Cleaning and maintenance are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The washable type can be used with soap or cleaning liquid to remove grease and dirt from the edge by rinsing. Still, it is best to oil and maintains it after washing and drying thoroughly to avoid rust and damage to the blade.

The most effortless non-automatic cleaning type is the one that will automatically clean, sterilize, dry, and charge as long as the shaving knife is placed in the flush seat, which can save a lot of maintenance time. However, combining goods with a fully automatic cleaning function is primarily expensive. The cleaning liquid in the scrubber should replace regularly, so you can carefully assess your own needs and costs before deciding.

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