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Flywheel Spin Bike Everything You Need To Know For Beginners

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A flywheel bike, also known as a spin bike, is a kind of equipment that can carry out higher intensity training than a fitness bicycle. It has been quite popular in the gym in recent years.

In addition, the flywheel bike is less noisy during operation, which is also very helpful for people who want to exercise at home. Various manufacturers have launched flywheel models with their own characteristics. To let you understand the flywheel bike quickly, I will introduce the purchase points of this product in detail. If you want to continue to use this fitness equipment, you might as well continue to use it in your home!

Differences between Flywheel Bicycle and fitness bicycle

People who first start fitness training may not grasp the difference between a flywheel and a fitness bicycle. Among them, the fitness bicycle is more suitable for aerobic exercise. Still, it has the advantages of low operation sound and folding storage. The flywheel bike is fitness equipment that can provide low to high-intensity training. It is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic exercise to improve muscle endurance, and even intermittent cardiopulmonary training can be completed. It has better durability and can support more extended training. Users can decide which kind of products to buy according to their needs, budget, and space.

Understand flywheel bike

Firstly, it introduces the selection method of flywheel bikes. Even though the appearance of each product is not different, the operation mode and exercise strength are slightly different. Therefore, choosing a flywheel bike that meets your own fitness needs is very important.
Choose the driving mode according to the training efficiency and maintenance difficulty.

The drive system of a flywheel bike is divided into “chain” and “belt,” which have their own advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics. Here is a brief introduction.

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Efficient “Chain”

There are flywheel bikes that use chains to drive the wheels to rotate like bicycles. It can completely transmit the force of stepping and achieve a high-efficiency training effect. It is suitable for users who often bike out high-intensity training. However, vibration and friction sound will occur when the chain engages with the toothed disc. When selecting low-priced products, pay special attention to the volume of their operation. The service life of the chain teeth must be maintained regularly.

“Belt” with low noise and simple maintenance

Due to the high flexibility of the belt itself, this kind of flywheel bike can tread smoothly and silently. Recommended for users who live in apartments or often train at night. Although it does not need to be maintained by adding lubricating oil regularly, we should pay attention to the fracture of the belt when it is worn and aged. The price is also higher than the chain type. It is recommended to calculate the cost together with the replacement of the belt when purchasing.

Resistance Mechanism

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A flywheel bike is a kind of equipment that achieves the effect of exercise by changing the effort spent when stepping on the pedal. The common ways to increase resistance are “friction” and “magnetic.”

“Friction” suitable for high-strength exercise

The friction type uses wool felt, cowhide, rubber, and other materials to directly generate resistance on the flywheel. In addition to the simple structure and not easy to fail. Users can fine-tune with their own ability. Because it can provide substantial weight, it is suitable for people who need high-intensity training. Because it can not make scale adjustments, it is not necessarily fixed at the same weight for each exercise. It is not easy to estimate its ability range. Because the friction material will be in direct contact with the flywheel, if the dust or sweat during use is not wiped in time, it will not only make a sound during subsequent operation. Due to friction, it will also produce dandruff and wear, so it needs to be replaced and maintained regularly.

Quiet, nonperishable “Magnetic.”

The wheel part is loaded with powerful permanent magnets and uses the change of a magnetic field to produce resistance. Since it will not be in direct contact with the wheels, noise and wear can be avoided. In addition, it can record the load numerically, so it can calculate the exercise intensity and calorie consumption suitable for itself. The magnetic control type is expensive and maybe degraded by the heat energy generated by long-term, uninterrupted use. Therefore, the operation of the recommended service time of the product must be observed. Some styles must rely on electricity to generate magnetic force. Please be sure to confirm these items when purchasing.

Suppose people who want to reduce the noise during operation think that the price of belt drive + magnetic products is too high. In that case, they can also pay attention to some products with unique noise reduction functions. Some friction products will install sound insulation covers on the structure to suppress the sound generated during movement. However, suppose the noise reduction effect of the flywheel vehicle cannot be determined. In that case, it can also be screened by referring to the user’s evaluation.

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