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What Meta Quest 2 Accessories You Should Buy

Meta Quest 2 headphones

People have strong ideas on which sorts of headphones are the finest, and they are usually a heated issue. Most headphones, on the other hand, must be designed for a specific function. A good pair of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones, such as the Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset, will provide you with a pleasant and immersive VR experience.

That being said, the Quest 2 is all about mobility and simple, comfortable access to VR anytime and wherever you want. A hefty set of headphones isn’t the ideal option for achieving that aim.

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Fortunately, Logitech offers a solution for this as well. The G333 earphones are developed exclusively for use with the VR headset. The drivers have been optimized for VR applications, the body is made of robust yet lightweight aluminum, and the cord is just the proper length. With these buds, you won’t have to bother with dangling wires.

Meta Quest 2 Charging Station

Your Quest 2 does not require a charging port. You can simply plug it into the nearest USB-C charger and call it a day, but it’s always good to have a place to neatly store and display your headset. A charging dock may achieve this while also being useful.

What distinguishes this Anker Quest 2 charging dock from other Meta Quest 2 charging docks is that it allows you to recharge your controllers while you’re not playing. This is made feasible by the provided AA rechargeables and changeable cover plates. The unit is sculpted to exactly match the Quest 2 and completes the aesthetic.

It also overcomes the issue of repetitive USB-C insertions by utilizing a dongle that is left in the charging port of the Quest. This connector magnetically mates with a connector on the dock, providing a straightforward solution. Simply place your controllers and headset in this dock and leave them aside until the next time you want to play.

Elite Strap Battery and Carrying Case

Given that the official attachments that comprise this Meta Quest 2 accessory package were made accessible so early in the Quest 2’s life, it’s almost as though Meta anticipated the VR headset’s major flaws.

Nonetheless, it would be difficult to find a better offer than this. You receive a premium carrying bag, a more comfortable head strap, and a longer battery for almost half the price of the Quest 2.

Each of these individual goods is well-regarded, and the bundle saves you roughly $30, so it’s an easy suggestion. The only significant disadvantage is that individual third-party attachments are superior than those included in this package.

However, if you try to put together your accessory package, you’ll wind up paying much more, and this bundle is fantastic in its own right. It elegantly tackles the greatest flaws of the standard Quest 2 package; you just need to buy one bundle, and you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of third-party things.

Carrying Case for Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case is included in the package recommendation above, and if all you want is a nice carrying case, we believe this official choice is the finest of the lot. Third-party cases typically include pockets and storage areas for objects, but the official case is laser-focused on providing a small shell that just houses the Quest 2 and its controllers.

After all, any additional amenities start to undermine the “travel” credentials on offer. A hard case with a foam inside is a good choice if you require a heavy-duty case or one that can store a lot of accessories. It will no longer be backpack friendly, but the increased mass will be justified by improved levels of protection.

However, this basic official case is probably likely the best option for anyone who wishes to take their Quest 2 outside.

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