18Loop VR Learning for Cancer Kid

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18Loop has announced a new focus on Virtual Reality education for its client families affected by

childhood cancer. The program will assist people in creating, learning, and growing in the Metaverse.

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As the number of children registered in 18Loop's VR program grows, the company has broadened the 

range of virtual worlds it suggests and gives to disadvantaged cancer families.

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VR learning is a significant application of technology.

The ACCO and 18Loop are collecting data for their Joint Experimental Intervention Research Study 

(JEIRS). JEIRS aims to assess the impact of Virtual Reality (VR) Stress Management software on pediatric cancer patients.

Furthermore, several of the youngsters in the research shared their VR experiences with family members, 

amplifying the technology's influence. Palliative care department

emphasize family involvement. Thus this component of the job has been beneficial.

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