Lower East Side New York USA

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Here you can experience the daily life of the Chinese living in NY. There are many Asian goods and various affordable products, and you can also experience the fun of bargaining.

Canal St

Cleanliness and neatness have nothing to do with Chinatown. You can go shopping here with a relaxed mood, try new foods and see things from different angles with the mood of experience, so as to enrich your journey.

East Village

It is full of the unique style of New Yorker artists. There are chic shops, warm restaurants and lively bars in the street.

1, 2, 3 Ave/Astor Pl

East Village has many tourists visiting antique shops and boutiques during the day, and is famous for its retro music bars at night.

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Little Italy

Here is full of enthusiastic tourists, the restaurant tables and chairs are placed on the sidewalk, you can relax and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in New York.

Canal St/Bowery

The buildings here are full of Italian style. In addition to Italian cuisine, various style and art shops are worth exploring.


There are many unique-looking buildings and stylish shops, galleries, boutiques, and cafes are all worth exploring.

Spring St Broadway-Lafayette

SoHo’s well-known stores include MoMA Design Store, Amazon 4-star, and many cool design shops and restaurants. You can spend a whole day in SoHo.

Preserving the buildings of the old New York period, each one has a special design. If you like photography and architecture, you can appreciate the unique style here.

Web Stories Sticker Kits

580 Stickers Optimize for Web Stories