I New York

I New York ”

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

The Oculus

You can stroll around The Oculus and admire this wonderful building like a dove flying out of the hands of a child.

Chambers St/Park Place

The Oculus is an elegant and neat art building with a white arched ribbed design that is very impressive and worth taking time to appreciate.

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911 Memorial Museum

The experience of the 911 Memorial Museum is profound and sentimental. Each victim's name is carved on the side of the pool, and the thoughts of loved ones are especially sentimental through the little white roses.

Cortland St / Rector St

The monument will make you feel how weak people are. Come here to remember those innocent people who unfortunately died on 911.

The 911 incident was a common sadness shared by Americans. Memories flowed slowly from all around, like a waterfall, into the center of the monument. The pain may be slightly healed, but the meaning behind it cannot be forgotten.

Trinity Church

The church is open every day for prayer. It is so beautiful and peaceful, the exterior is very beautiful, and the interior architecture is even more gorgeous.

Wall St/Rector St

Trinity Church is a solemn place, you can calmly appreciate the unique sacred atmosphere of this church.

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The frescoes on the door of the church have amazing craftsmanship, and the grand Gothic architecture will definitely attract your attention.

Brooklyn Bridge

A must-visit place in New York, the skyline view on the bridge is very beautiful. Please be careful of the bicycle lanes when you are amazed.

Fulton St/High St

The best way to view the Brooklyn Bridge is to choose a sunny evening. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, you can see a better view. Of course, the night view is definitely worth watching.

It is recommended that you avoid rush hours and avoid encountering bicycles and crowds at work. You will definitely have a happy and romantic journey.

Charging Bull

Charging Bull is the work of artist Arturo Di Modica. The style is very impressive and unforgettable.

Bowling Green/Whitehall St-South Ferry

This Charging Bull statue is a truly amazing piece of art. It is definitely worth taking a photo, but please be aware that there will be so many tourists.

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Statue of Liberty

The itinerary to visit the Statue of Liberty is amazing, but the process requires time to queue up and go through security checks. The riverside landscape is very beautiful. You must see the Statue of Liberty when you come to New York.

South Ferry/Bowling Green

Take the ferry and blow the sea breeze to watch the seagulls. When you board the Statue of Liberty, the scenery is very beautiful. It is recommended to visit the interior to feel and appreciate the different Statue of Liberty.


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