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Upper West Side

Upper West Side

Upper West Side

To the east of the Upper West Side is the tree-lined avenue of Central Park, and to the west is the romantic Riverside Park. The low-key high-end restaurants and cafes are scattered among the streets of the Upper West Side.

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American Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History has more than one hundred years of history, and you can see huge dinosaur bones as soon as you enter the door. 

Subway: B、C to 81 Street


Not just children, this is a museum very suitable for everyone to visit, you can learn a lot about the natural world.

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The range of exhibits inside is very wide, including animal, human culture, and astronomical collections from all continents.

Time Warner Center

The well-known twin tower building is composed of two high-rise buildings. The two buildings are connected by a multi-story atrium, and the interior is a high-end retail store area.

Subway: A,B,C,D to 59 Street


Time Warner center is located in the center of Manhattan, surrounded by shopping area and well-known brands.

Rose Center for Earth and Space

Rose Center is a well-known science museum where you can learn about the history of the universe and various planets. It is very worth seeing.

Subway: B、C to 81 Street


The Rose Center has profound educational significance. There are many interactions with visitors, and you can experience a lot of research firsthand.

Children's Museum of Manhattan

Suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old, this is a paradise for them to experience games, they can create works, various subjects and stage performance experience area.

Subway: 1,2 to 86St


The exhibition is so good and is recommended for toddlers and preschoolers. It is more like a safe and educational venue.

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Hearst Tower

A great high-tech architectural design, amazing fusion and preservation of old and new architectural designs.

59th St – Columbus Circle


This beautiful skyscraper can reflect the mainstream trend of New York's refurbishment of classic buildings. The angle of the glass windows can be viewed vertically, which is impossible in ordinary buildings.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The Lincoln Center for the Arts provides opera, ballet, and music, some of which are free. In short, if you are an art lover, you will not be disappointed here

66th St – Lincoln Center


If you like music and performances, this is the best place to watch artist performances. Even if you are not going to see performances, it is worth experiencing the artistic atmosphere.

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