Midtown East New York USA

Broadway Theatre

When you come to New York, you must watch Broadway musicals, such as Aladdin, Miss Saigon, Les Misérables,. These are all famous Broadway musicals, and the performance of professional actors will definitely impress you.

50th St

Empire State Building

In addition to Times Square, the Empire State Building is another famous attraction. You must go to the 360 degree viewing platform on the top floor to see the Big Apple.

34th St - Herald Square

When visiting the Empire State Building, you can choose to go to the 87th floor to watch the light and shadow of the setting sun change in the evening, or to enjoy the night view of Manhattan at the beginning of the light. It is definitely worth the price of the ticket.

Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building in New York forms a strong contrast in the modern building in New York, as if being in the retro scene of the movie.

23rd St

When viewing the Flatiron Building from the outside, there is often a question in my mind: What kind of furniture will the people inside use?

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If you like photography, the Flatiron Building is definitely a great photo spot where you can use your creative imagination.

Grand Central Terminal

You have definitely seen NY Grand Central Terminal in a movie before. After you go in, remember to look up at the elegant ceiling and the retro furnishings inside. You can only know the beauty of experiencing it by witnessing it with your own eyes.

Grand Central

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The food court in NY Grand Central is a place where travelers will eat. It is worth a try.

New York Public Library

You don't have to come here to read books, come in and see the stunning architectural design, chandeliers, promenades, and glass windows, just like you are in the middle of a movie scene.

5th Ave, 42nd St-Bryant Park

The Rose Main Reading Room in the library must be visited. You will envy New Yorkers who can study in such a beautiful library. By the way, please keep quiet. This is the library.

Rockefeller Center

The architecture of Rockefeller Center will definitely amaze you. In this huge building, there are studios for "Saturday Night Live" and "Tonight Show".

47-50 St Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave / 53rd St

There is a winter ice skating rink outside Rockefeller Center. On the eve of Christmas, this is a popular tourist attraction.

You can purchase VIP ticket for Rockefeller Center and go directly to the top floor to have a bird's eye view of New York City.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Church is a Gothic-designed church. It is definitely a classic existence on the bustling Fifth Avenue.

50t5th Ave / 53rd St, 47-50 St Rockefeller Centerh St

As beautiful as the cathedrals in Europe, the building is very magnificent and it is also a good place to purify the soul.

St. Patrick’s Church is a very gorgeous Catholic church inside. You can pray and meditate inside or admire the beautiful glass windows. The atmosphere of the whole church is very quiet and solemn.

United Nations Headquarters

Before heading to United Nations Headquarters, remember to book a guided tour online. You can learn more about history, events and politics.

Grand Central-42nd St

In addition to visiting the buildings, you can also visit the meetings held at the United Nations Headquarters, which will definitely enrich your life experience.

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Times Square

This place is called the crossroads of the world, and there must be some truth to it. Everything in Times Square is bigger and more eye-catching. It is full of energy. You can experience it right away in less than a minute of standing here.

Times Square-42nd St

It is recommended that you come to Times Square and must first think about the ones you want to visit, otherwise you will immediately get lost in the huge neon jungle.

In Times Square, you can go to TKTS to buy cheap Broadway tickets, or McDonald’s flagship store to watch the crowds, as well as the well-known Disney store.

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