AMD Anticipates 700-watt GPUs in the Future Estimate before 2025

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AMD predicts that GPUs with TDPs as high as 700 watts will be available by the end of 2024. 

The business has reportedly discussed future improvement

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in terms of performance-per-watt, which might give them an advantage over Nvidia.

This is true for commercial products like data center computing and consumer items like the most OK GPUs for gaming.

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As seen in the above figure, AMD expects high-performance GPUs to reach a TDP of 700 watts 

before 2025, demonstrating a consistently increasing trend that appears to have increased in recent years.

For instance, some leaks indicate that combining the next-generation GPU with an Intel Raptor

Lake CPU will necessitate a sizeable 1,200-watt power supply (PSU).

The next generation of GPUs from both manufacturers is yet unknown,

although it wouldn't be surprising if AMD keeps things somewhat more efficient.

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