Body Facts That Will Astound You

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Every day, your body emits light. According to scientists, the human body emits a very little quantity of light that is not visible to the naked eye!

Human teeth can resist a great deal of force. According to research, they are as powerful as shark teeth!

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Ears are composed of cartilage, which develops at a pace of 2 mm every ten years. That implies you won't get goblin ears one day!

During the day, your bones and cartilages are somewhat compressed, making you appear shorter. When you sleep at night,

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however, they develop given enough rest, making you taller when you wake up!

Nerves transfer information from sensory organs to the brain or spinal cord

at 400 kilometers per hour. That's about four times faster than a cheetah!

The term "muscle" derives from the Latin word "muscles," which means "small mouse."

That's because our forefathers thought humans' flexed biceps looked like mice!

Bacteria in the stomach create chemical signals that make you feel joyful or worried.

So, to be happy and healthy, take care of your stomach!

Even when your body is at rest, your brain is the most active. 

That is when it records all of your statements, acts throughout the day and stores them as memories!

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