Now you are ready to shine your live show! A budget-friendly light takes waste space and make it simple.  BY RyteKits

Budget-Friendly Lighting Kit for Live Streaming from Home

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Want to cut down on space-wasting? The clamp light with an adjustable arm and head can make a huge difference. Use only two lights can fit in my wife's live stream lighting. True story!

If you’re looking for a light to start your live streaming and paycheck go further, this ring light with 3-color temperatures and brightness adjustment is all you need. No needs to invest in a studio strobe with a giant softbox.

Light, bright & on budget

It's not about what lighting equipment you have, but how you use it.

I don’t need much to make light that the audience will love. This all in one controller keeps lighting adjustment fast and simple. USB power makes it easy to plug in any USB hub or power bank.


I have modified the phone mount that comes with the ring light. For more detail, please check Here.

The secret to organizing balanced live stream lighting

Budget-friendly! With one 16w Led light bulb, I easily add my second lighting source without any hassle. If you want more control, try Smart LED bulb with APP for home party live streaming.

For people who want to start your home live straming at tiny space, this compact and budget friendly lighting combo is a perfect fit.

Good storage doesn't have to be complicated. I don't have much space, so I use a hook that makes this ring light easy to get and storage.

Guess how fast I put all the things clean up after live streaming.

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