How to buy the right 4K TV in 2022

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With the growing popularity of Ultra 4K tech, Youtube, Netflix and PS5 games are all starting to support the content. 

After experiencing the stunning visual experience of HD quality, are you thinking of buying a 4K TV for your home?

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4K is now the mainstream of the TV market, with screen sizes ranging from as small as 43" to over 85", with 50-65" being the most popular. 

With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, the picture looks fine and does not look grainy even when viewed up close.

The best viewing distance can also be shortened, making it easier to use in small spaces without straining.

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The most distinctive feature of LCD monitors is that they have a backlight module, which adjusts the amount of light emitted through the "liquid crystal" structure, and a color filter at the front to display the image. 

As it is the most popular type on the market today, there is a wide choice of prices and sizes, with the cheapest models available for less than $300.

Although LCDs are not as good as OLEDs in terms of image quality, they have difficulty in showing pure black and dark areas, and are prone to color cast when viewed from an oblique angle, they are useful for people who are more concerned about budget or other features.

OLEDs are self-illuminating due to their "organic light emitting diodes", which not only save a lot of parts and make them thinner, but also allow the color and brightness to be adjusted on a single pixel basis, resulting in better contrast between light and dark.

Although there has been a recent trend towards cheaper TVs, OLED models are still $300 more expensive than LCD TVs for the same size. As OLED panels are more fragile, they may need to be packed in special packaging to avoid damage when moving.

The main reasons for choosing a 4K TV is high definition, so it is important to know what the color rendering, contrast and light/dark characteristics of each product are. Depending on the manufacturer, each model may have a warm or cool color bias. 

However, color bias often affects the picture quality, so it is still advisable to choose a model with close to original color and a balanced representation of all color for a clearer viewing experience.

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