5 steps to create your own Metaverse

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1. Install ZEPETO on your phone and see what users are doing there, then join their events.

2. Be active on the platform, decorate your avatar (so you can have more friends), communicate with other users and organize more events.

3. Go to Gather Town website on your Chrome browser and participate in other people's events to gain experience, then try your hand at hosting and inviting family and friends to try it out.

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles,  not tear.”

4. Read more about the Metaverse to absorb new information as you see it. Only by seeing how the world is changing can you develop your own direction and plans as it evolves.

5. Share and guide your family and friends so that they can understand and experience it too. Try using the Metaverse with them!

Share this with ONE friend in need. Cheers~

Share is Caring