The indoor air purifier with an "anti-virus" function can help air circulation and filter the germs in the air.  BY RyteKits

Don't take virus home: A guide to epidemic prevention for Air Purifiers

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The air purifier is the best comrade-in-arms for epidemic prevention. However, you must pay attention to the following when purchasing:

Can it be antibacterial?

Not every air purifier can inhibit viruses and bacteria in the air. Many mobile air purifiers can filter particles, pollen, and dust, but they have no sterilization function. Experiments have proved that only models that can effectively inhibit the virus can protect you.

Is the filter efficient?

The HEPA filter is the most common and most efficient filter on the market. HEPA can filter up to 99.97% of suspended particles with a particle size of 0.3μm. Because the fibers of the HEPA filter are dense, it can effectively filter bacteria, mold, and PM2.5.

The HEPA level is equivalent to the N100 gas mask filter level of the "National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health". Some filters advertised as "HEPA-like" or "99% HEPA" are not considered to meet the real HEPA standards.

Is it harmful to the human body?

Some air purifiers advertise that they can achieve sterilization effects through technologies such as electrostatic dust collection and ultraviolet rays. However, these technologies are potentially harmful to the human body. For example, electrostatic technology may release ozone harmful to the respiratory system. Ultraviolet rays may cause cataracts or skin cancer.

Silent mode: sleep well at night

If the machine runs loudly in a small space, it will actually become an invisible pressure. Therefore, air purifiers with low operating noise are recommended. If you want to find a product that does not easily interfere with sleep, you can choose a model with an operating sound of fewer than 20 decibels.

Power consumption 

If you plan to keep the air purifier running all day, we recommend products that consume less power or have an energy-saving mode. The higher the wattage, the more expensive the electricity bill. You may pay more attention to this part when choosing.

Are there additional features?

For personal needs, you can pay attention to some brands that come with exclusive technology. Some combine aircraft engine technology and fluid mechanics to quietly circulate large volumes of air. There are also thin styles for users with small living spaces. If you like to listen to music, some air purifiers also have Bluetooth audio functions. Pay more attention to similar details to buy the most suitable air purifier!

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