Are web stories good for SEO?

Similar to Instagram & Facebook's story feeds, web stories use visual approach to deliver content while retaining the advantage of speed. Many publishers in the U.S. have adopted such technology.

Unlike social media story, Web Stories is a web page with its own URL, so search engines can crawl and index the content. Anyone can find Web Stories by searching or typing the URL directly into a browser.

The ability to reach searchers in a different way means a new battleground for SEO. The performance of Web Stories in SEO can be tracked through Google Search Console. 

Google points out that web stories will appear in more and more places, because it is a very good way to present content interactively with readers.

Web Stories is essentially HTML, but with a specific format and syntax. A Web Stories is made up of several Pages, a Page is made up of several Layers, and a Layer contains all the Elements needed for that Layer.

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There are multiple "pages" in a Web Stories, but the whole Web Stories is one page with the same URL. It is difficult to tell too much information (e.g., which "page" has the highest bounce rate?) with normal web analytics.

Web Stories operates on the same SEO principles as a regular web page, to create a fully structured and informative story that will make search engines think you are an authority in your field and push your story to the front page.

Floral Pattern

Although Web Stories is composed of graphics, according to Google, the ranking of Web Stories is still based on content, and providing users with valuable content is the biggest secret to get on the first page.

Web Stories should contain a beginning and an end, and the story should be logical. When making web stories, you can try different aspects and ways of illustration to make the story richer.

Do not use short stories to attract users, Google crawlers may determine that your site is low-value content, on the contrary, let your ranking down.

You can check whether the Web Stories have been successfully indexed by Google in Google Search Console after 2 weeks of completion of Web Stories.