More and more families choose to bake at home. Bread or cake can bring great satisfaction.

Home baking guide! Teach you how to choose flour correctly?

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For beginners, it is not easy to make a delicious cake.bread. All ingredients and tools need to prepare. Today, let's talk about the most basic material - Flour.

The flour we usually use the most is: All-purpose flour /  Plain flour

The thinner the flour particles are, the better the reflection of light and the whiter the flour. However, not all wheat endosperm can be ground to the same fineness, which is closely related to the protein content.

According to the protein content flour divided into:




High-gluten flour

Darker color, more suitable for making bread

Medium-gluten flour

Milky white color, suitable for making buns and noodles

Low-gluten flour

The color is whiter, which is more suitable for making cakes, biscuits and pastries with fluffy and crisp taste.

The whiter  the flour,  be careful with the brightener

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