How can web stories incorporated into your business?

Google reports 100K new Web Stories are added to the search index on a daily basis. Obviously, Web Stories should be an important part of your entire SEO strategy. In other words, you can't overlook Google Web Stories.

Use your existing blog posts, converting them into web stories, adding videos and images, and combining them with the original text to make a fantastic web stories.

You're a doctor with a lot of work, but you want to increase business via online marketing and writing blogs takes up a lot of time, so a concise and practical web stories is a good choice to share your research ideas to more readers.

Do you run a local business, like a florist or photography studio? When you have a lot of creative content or materials, don't ignore the unlimited business opportunities brought by Web Stories.

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When you have a new product to get the attention of the public in addition to Kickstarter or the Indiegogo platform, the use of web Stories to introduce your product is also a smart marketing choice.

No matter how big or small your company is, there is bound to be new information and knowledge that you can share with everyone, and this is where web stories can spread the relevant information quickly, and readers who are interested will want to learn more about your company's services and products.

It is important to let customers know what kind of services you can provide, especially when you have a SPA with a variety of services, present the services in detail with videos and pictures, so that customers understand the advantages of your SPA.

If you offer personal services, such as yoga or fitness coaching, Web Stories can be a great marketing tool for you. Split your classes and services into many web stories and let them help you reach more prospects.

Are you running affiliate marketing? With web stories, you can quickly deliver rich multimedia content, and the immersive user experience will make readers more willing to learn about the content.







You are a professional stylist, you will definitely post your work on Instagram story, so why not put it on web stories as well? It can be more easily searched by Google, can help you reach more customers, and is always there (no 24-hour limit).

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If you run a restaurant, you can use web stories to turn the menu into a dynamic display media, not just a paper menu in the restaurant.

If you, as a therapist, can present difficult medical terminology in an easy-to-understand way with web stories, your professional impression will be greatly boosted.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on marketing, Web Stories can be a convenient and economical way to present your business.

Convert Blog Post to Web Stories & YouTube Shorts. I Can Help!