This time the iPad Air upgrade is very exciting, but there are four iPad models. Which one is right for you?

How to choose 4 iPad models? The analysis of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini is here!

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Price and capacity

The most direct way to distinguish these 4 models is by price. If you look at the lowest price of this model, the capacity part of the iPad Pro is 128GB, the iPad Air is 64GB, the iPad is 32GB, and the iPad mini is 64GB.

Although Apple promotes its series with the slogan "Your next computer is not a computer." But the productivity of tablets is really far less than that of computers. It is a good tool to improve the quality of your work while you are working. So before buying, you have to ask yourself, what do you want to use this iPad for?

For entertainment

If you just want to watch Netflix with a big screen, the 8th-generation iPad can meet most needs, with a 10.2-inch screen. In addition, the iPad Air 2020 has a 10.9-inch narrow bezel screen design, which makes watching videos very enjoyable, but the price will be higher.

Office Requirements

For mild office works, iPad Air 2020 is a good choice. It supports Apple's latest smart keyboard, but the keyboard price is really expensive, but you can also choose another brand of the keyboard to use.

Designer, Film Editor

If you want to use an iPad for drawing and editing, it is definitely an iPad Pro! There are also 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens. The camera is also the highest specification (but most people will not use it to shoot), and the screen specification is unmatched.


Overall, the iPad Air has the highest overall score, but the eighth-generation iPad is also perfect if it is a mild document or movie. Besides, the iPad mini is suitable for those who want to be portable. The mini is too small for work and watching videos, but it will meet your needs if you use it to read e-books and take notes occasionally!

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