How to choose a curved gaming monitor? 6 key points you should know

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Why Curved ?

The curved design allows users to look at the center of the monitor at the same distance from the sides of the monitor when viewing, thereby obtaining a better sense of presence.

Greater Visual Perception

Compared with a flat surface, a curved display can cover more visual range, which is equivalent to the user receiving more visual effects and a more realistic gaming experience.

Curved screens are more realistic than flat screens.

The viewing angle range of the human eye is about 1000R, so the curved surface is closer to the arc of the human eye, the better. The latest curved surface has reached 1500R, which is more in line with the eye viewing angle than 1800R.

The curved panel is divided into the original panel 1500R, or 1800R reprocessed into 1500R, these two are different!

Native panels are always more expensive. When you see price differences with the same curvature, remember to figure out whether the panel specifications are native or non-native.

It is recommended to choose 1080P for monitors below 27", and 2K above 27", and 4K above 32".

Those who like immersive experience recommend buying curved monitors, but before buying, it is recommended to try it yourself to understand whether the curved monitor is suitable for you. 

If you want to enjoy a more immersive visual effect, use 3 native curved monitors to splice into a perfect arc to achieve a better sense of immersion.

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