How to Effectively Increase Concentration and Productivity

Everyone has a different ability to concentrate, and some people have difficulty harnessing their attention span, so some techniques can help improve it at critical times.

Positive Quotes Print positive affirmations such as "I am smart and can study for everything I need to take the test. Before you start studying, truly believe that such affirmations will motivate you to study.

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Simple Exercise A simple walk or jog will stimulate the senses and prepare the mind for concentration, but do not engage in physically demanding activities.

Reduce distractions Turn off your phone or set it to silent so that your focus time is not affected.

Focus time Since everyone's lifestyle is different, there are different focus zones. For some people, it's early in the morning and for others it's late at night, try to find the right time to focus.

Decomposition of goals Often the end goal can overwhelm us and the thought of completing such a difficult task can create a mental block. Instead of panicking over five chapters, aim to complete one chapter at a time.

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Time limit To complete your progress within the time limit, time your mini-goals. Having a time limit will motivate you to speed up your work.

Rewards Set small rewards or moderate breaks for small goals. For example, if the goal is to study 5 chapters, then going for a walk or listening to your favorite song after each chapter will motivate you to keep going.

Test yourself The simple act of reading won't help you remember what you need to learn. Use quizzes to help you actively recall, which will help you remember more.

Rest Even if you have great physical strength, don't overexert yourself. Your mind may be willing, but your body needs adequate rest and a good night's sleep. Listen to your body's needs and know when to take a break.

Workspace A clean and tidy space is essential. A clean and tidy space will allow you to concentrate and reduce unnecessary distractions.

To-Do List Make a list of things that need to be done, and as you complete each task, leverage it. The act of kicking off or checking off has been shown to increase motivation.

Know when to let go If you find it hard to understand a topic and have spent a lot of time on it, let it go and move on. You can come back to it later. Wasting too much time on a problem can increase frustration and derail you from your goal.

Eat Healthy Food Don't just drink coffee, when the glucose in your brain drops, your focus will drop, eat healthy food, and drink water, can make your focus more. 

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