How to keep motivation to lose weight

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Is losing weight your annual New Year's wish? But it's discouraging when it doesn't work every time. Remember that we are all ordinary people. 

It's not easy to make lifestyle changes. However, this motivation will be your best friend when the mindset changes.

You need to know why you are losing weight. It can be for any reason. This will help you stay motivated towards the goal.

Make sure your weight loss goals are specific, measurable, and time-bound. Stay motivated to try to become a better version of yourself!

Challenge yourself! Sign up for a race or fitness event to provide extra motivation to achieve your goals while building your strength and stamina.

Instead of running on the treadmill, go for a run with your dog outdoors or play tennis or basketball. You need to use some fun activities to stay motivated.

Exercising with friends or family will give you a lot of motivation to achieve your weight loss goals, and they will pull you out of the house when you want to slack off.

Turn your daily commute into a mini workout, try riding your bike, or taking a few extra steps to the office. Not only will this help you lose weight, but it will also keep the environment healthy.

Fitness apps provide great content and tools, and installing a fitness app on your phone will allow you to lose weight the smart way.

Record your weight, measurements or BMI, by recording the achievements, so you are less likely to revert to old habits.

Reward yourself! You should be the one patting yourself on the back most often, and rewarding yourself for your small accomplishments (not with food, of course) is a great way to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

Without depriving yourself of your favorite foods and without any guilt, schedule one lunch a week to eat what you want, so you can burn it off in one day too.

The most important thing is not to lose hope and focus on how you can do better today. Think about how far you have come in your weight loss journey. Think of each exercise and healthy diet as a small step.

Watch some motivational and success videos on Youtube to cheer you up. They will remind you why you need to lose weight and exercise.

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