How to choose storage bed to keep you organized?

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For those who want to store the most items in a limited space, the Storage Bed is a convenient option that combines the functions of a bed frame and storage.

Storage beds can be simply divided into three categories: Standard, Drawers and Lift-Up.

Standard: The most common type of storage bed is the standard type with 2-3 drawers in a bed panel of normal height, depending on the limited space available.

Cream Section Separator

Although the storage capacity is not very large, it is also the most versatile in terms of color and design due to the wide range of bed shapes available.

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“Proper storage is about creating a home for something so that minimal effort is required to find it and  put it away.”

Drawers: The most versatile type of bed has 4 to 6 drawers, and some are designed with different sizes to accommodate different types of items.

Drawers bed board is usually higher than the normal bed type, so be sure to pay attention to the size specifications when purchasing to avoid the burden of getting in and out of bed.

Lift-Up: Ideal for storing large items, with a large space to store large or long items such as skis, golf equipment and carpets.

Lift-Up bed is assisted by the 'Gas Spring Lift' for easy opening and closing. However, it is not recommended for use in children's rooms because of the dangers caused by children.

“The key to creating a successful system is to make it as uncomplicated as possible.”

The storage bed may become damp and moldy as a result of perspiration during sleep as it is used under the mattress for long periods of time.

It is advisable to occasionally open the bedroom window for ventilation and leave the drawer open to avoid moisture build-up and to place dehumidifying products.

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