HTC Desire 22 Pro Viverse Phone We Hoping For

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With the Desire 22 Pro, HTC has promised to make its devices metaverse-friendly. On the other side, the new smartphone

like many others on the market, runs Android 12 - but it appears to be a vanilla version of the OS

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with little first-party adornment, which might work in its favor.

The new Desire-series variation might use one: contrary to its Pro title and rumors that provided the impression

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of flagship status in this phone, it has launched with the Snapdragon 695 SoC. 

While 5G-capable, this chip is also characterized as "entry-level" by at least one competing OEM.

On that note, its fundamental and sleek design with its trademark gold accents appears a touch out of place this year.

Its back panel is available in black or pink, with a wavy pattern in both colors, which, while not explicitly stated on HTC's new product website,

would indicate that it is made of plastic. However, this may assist in explaining its IP67 classification.

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