HTC Vive Tracker (3.0) makes your VR world more real

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Vive Tracker integrates with external devices to more accurately track full-body movements. Accurately transfer every movement from the real world to the virtual world.

Full-body tracking: Use multiple VIVE mobile locators to make every real-world move realistically recreated in the virtual world.

33% smaller, lighter, easier to use, more comfortable, and more versatile, making your VR creativity more rich and powerful.

“VR and AR  will eventually converge, and smart glasses will take over our digital interactions.”

Expand your VR toolbox, unleash imagination, and explore VR experiences like never before.

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Play soccer, swing racket, or dance in a VR environment. Full-body precision tracking feels closer to the real-world experience.

Virtual creation, training simulation, and motion capture. Create objects that are easy to track and locate, complex control panels, and real props that integrate the virtual reality.

With Vive Tracker, firefighters can experience realistic feedback and feel the power of the hose, creating realistic and safe virtual reality training.

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