The HyperCube


The Most  Starstriking

Fusion of art and technology

The Hyper Cube


Up close, the space inside the cube appears to expand into infinity. Get lost in hyperspace.

Automatically Sync patterns, colors, sound reactivity and more between up to 256 cubes.

The Hyper Cube

Hyperspace Lighting

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Hyperspace Lighting App

95 unique, custom-coded patterns to choose from. Make any pattern sound reactive by syncing brightness to the beat. Nightlight dims the brightness over 60 mins.


These patterns use a microphone to analyze musical lows, mids, and highs to create infinite ultra-responsive audio-visual variety. 

Nightlight dims the brightness over 60 minutes. Save customized favorites to personalize your experience


STEM toy for kids

Sound Reactive

Harmonic, symphonic, electronic. Visualize and get lost in your music like never before with over 30 unique sound reactive patterns, specially designed to work with any kind of music.

Manually change pattern with a single press of the button on the control box,  or fully customize the experience with app.

Hyperspace Lighting

The Hyper Cube

HAVE A Hyper Luminous day

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Lybra Balance Lamp


Crowbits STEM toy for kids