iFixit now offers official Google Pixel component

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As previously stated, genuine components for Google's Pixel devices are now available via iFixit.

Parts are often cheaply priced, and a wide variety is available, ranging from displays to mesh speaker grilles. 

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The firm will not only sell replacement or repair components but also tools.

Google teased the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro during its Google I/O event in May. While these phones are not

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expected to be introduced until later this year, Google has promised to provide component

for any future Google Pixel smartphones that are produced.

Apple, perhaps the most well-known brand, started its Self Service Repair service in late April. 

Samsung has also joined the initiative, indicating that it will provide repair parts by the summer.

Valve is another famous firm that provides replacement and repair components for their Steam Deck and Index VR headsets.

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