A Cup of Coffee Actually Costs More Than iPhone 13

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The problem with never getting paid enough is the "cash flow", not calculating your income and expenditure the right way. A Grande Caffe Latte is actually $875, not $3.50.

Everyday at work, you want a $3.50 cup of coffee. If you had a cup every day at work, 250 days of work a year, that's right! That's $875/year.

The difference between 1 cup a day and 1 cup a week for the same $3.50 drink is huge! Just 1 cup a week will only cost you $182 a year. 1 cup of coffee can make a difference of $693 a year.

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“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

The "ongoing" income or expense is called "cash flow". Why is your salary not enough when you rarely buy luxury items? Because you don't think in terms of 'cash flow'!

Conversely, if you increase your cash flow by just $66.50/mo, you can have new iPhone every year! $66.50/mo may seem small, but what if $600/mo in cash flow? That's a lot of money!

Cash flow can take a large amount of money and turn it into a small, specific goal. If you want to buy a $300K house, try cash flowing it and you'll be able to do so much more.

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