How to make a quality YouTube video in 15 mins and affordable?

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I have been in the video production business for more than 15 years and I am familiar with professional editing software. 

However, I often have troubled by the time and cost required to produce a marketing video with various materials and effects.

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Or maybe I just want to generate my business's video quickly for youTube and Instagram. Time and speed are what I value most.

To achieve fast video generation, I need a wide range of photo and video collections, a variety of video templates, an intuitive UI, and of course, right price for my small biz.

“If the pieces do not fit into your puzzle ...... Try a different picture.”

I recommend inVideo production service because all four of the previous items fulfill my requirements, and "Article to Video" is a big plus!

With "Article to Video", I can type the article first, and then inVideo use AI to generate a quality video that I can finish a video in 15 minutes.

15 minutes, in Fiverr may not even enough to find a suitable editor for the job.

I do recommend if you own small business that needs to make a quality marketing video, you should give inVideo a try.

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