InVideo the Beginner App to Create YouTube Video

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I never thought it can be that easy just to write an article, and then load it into an App and then I will have a video with great illustrations, stock videos etc. in 10 mins.

Invideo is just fabulous, ease of use and high-quality templates are what I like the most. And the best part is they keep upgrading and making video editing simpler.

I was amazed at first with the rich of templates available. The video editing experience is also very smooth. I can easily select between the Timeline mode and the card mode. 

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It may take a few minutes to render the video, but the quality is worth the wait.

If you want to create videos for your website, sales page, or anything else you can imagine. They have a ton of design choices and great support to help you along the way!

Now I replace Adobe Premiere in iMac for my use case of creating ads or YouTube videos for daily video content.

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The friendly and easy-to-use interface makes creating videos quick and easy. I love that inVideo allows me to alter fonts, colors, and the size of text on the screen, which makes editing simpler.

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