Android can't compete with these two big advantages with iPhone

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The smartphone market is already quite sophisticated, with most of the basic features available on more affordable Android mid-range and entry-level phones, so why pay more for iPhone?

The number one advantage of the iPhone is video, which are good enough for a film director to shoot a movie, and it supports 4K 60fps, plus the software is deeply integrated with its own processors.

It can capture depth of field with digital computing and even display HDR effects in real time so that the creator can view the recording at first glance. 

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A selfie has more face and fewer feelings.

Many Android phones are still struggling to avoid overheating. Some users have even said that iPhone recording has no rival in the mobile phone world, "If iPhone is 10, Android is 7".

The 2nd advantage of iPhone is it's "Durability", i.e. the percentage of the phone that has remained stable and functional for a long time after it was shipped from the factory.

Many users are still using the iPhone 6S, which was launched in 2015, and has been upgraded to the latest iOS 15, which works smoothly.

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