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iPhone 12 is here! 7 functions to understand before buying

All iPhone12 series are A14 bionic processors, which are known as the most powerful chips in mobile phones. According to the industry, the use of TSMC's 5nm process will not only increase speed by 40% but also energy efficiency will bring better endurance to new iPhone 12.

A14 Processor

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Ceramic crystals that are harder than most metals and melted into the glass while maintaining visual transparency. To strengthen the impact resistance and scratch resistance, the surface layer of the panel adopts a ceramic shield, and the performance of the drop resistance is increased by 4 times compared with the previous generation.

Ceramic Shield

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Apple's special antenna and 5G module make iPhone12 carry the most 5G frequency bands in current smartphones. The advantages of 5G bandwidth, high transmission, and low latency give users a brand-new experience of surfing the Internet.

Widest 5G coverage

iPhone has a better OLED screen with full system color management. The highest resolution is about 3.5 million pixels, and the performance of the light and dark areas is more delicate than before. Last year only the Pro series had this specification, and this year it was adopted by the entire series.

Retina XDR Display

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iPhone 12 Pro can shoot the highest-quality videos among mobile phones at this stage. iPhone 12 Pro is also the only mobile phone in the world that can directly record and edit "Dolby Vision" HDR videos. Video shooting can reach up to 60fps, and the iPhone 12 can also reach 30fps.

Dolby Vision HDR

The new LiDAR can quickly measure the distance of light and analyze the pixel depth information of the scene. In addition to enhancing the focusing speed in low light sources, it can also provide users with a better AR experience, but only iPhone Pro has it.


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MagSafe is a new accessory system. There is a magnet array around the wireless charging coil, which can automatically align and connect to the iPhone every time it is used. There are chargers, protective cases, leather cardholders, and other items for consumers to choose from.


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