Jump Rope for Weight Loss, Better Fat Burning than Jogging

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If you don't like to spend time running on the treadmill or don't have time go to gym, jump rope is one of the options. An average of 100 strokes per minute can burn about 15 calories.

It's not affected by the weather and you don't have to go to the gym to train at home, so it's a great cardio tool.

Jump rope burns about same amount of calories in 15 mins as jogging for 30 minutes. As jump rope is a short, high-intensity workout, your heart rate will rise rapidly.

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Jump rope requires the use of the abdominal area to maintain stability, and both the hands and feet have to work together to complete each movement, which is simply a full body exercise to achieve faster fat burning.

Jump rope helps to improve coordination of movement by using whole body to complete movement. Body becomes more agile and has more control over itself, making it less prone to injury.

Jump rope makes bones stronger and higher bone density reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

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