Lybra Balance Lamp 


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When it balances, it looks like a sculpture radiating spiritual light that brightens up mood; when spins, it produces a marvelous optical illusion that puts your mind at ease. 


Find Balance

in Life

Lybra Balance Lamp


From time to time, we all feel a bit off, maybe even a little stressed. It reminds us that although we could roll with life's punches, we should always find our ways to find our balance and  inner peace.

No other ambient lamp will provide you the kind of comfort and sentiment that Lybra can provide.

Lybra’s slender arch frame in symmetry is complete with a glowing globe on either end, whose brightness can be adjusted on two levels.

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Combine Design & Technology

Lybra is an object of the attention of your guests. It brings you closer by sitting you around and initiating a conversation.

Lybra Balance Lamp

Swivel & Stand Still on Any Pivot Point


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