Marketing Suggestions for Your eBook

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Make a video about your ebook: When making a video about your ebook, discuss everything mentioned 

on your sales page. Use this as an opportunity to go through your ebook's primary benefits and highlights,

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including what you educate them at the conclusion.

Collaborate and co-promote your ebook: The simplest method is lead magnet exchange. 

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You promote their ebook to your list (through email, for example), and they do the same for your material. Simple, efficient, and fast.

Build anticipation with a pre-launch: Include mockups and excerpts of your ebook in your pre-launch.

In this manner, you may generate excitement about what's to come

and how your book will provide readers with a wealth of fresh insights and ideas.

Obtain an interview: The topic you discuss on the program should be related to the information

in your ebook, so that viewers and listeners will be encouraged to check out your ebook afterward.

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