Valve Steam Deck Media Tour

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Firstly, in terms of appearance, many thought the Steam Deck was bigger than they expected, even though it weighs 669 grams.

Valve Steam Deck has been extensively tested for its A, B, X, Y and cross-key positions, which are considered by many to be "ergonomically unfriendly", and does not feel jarring.

According to most of the media, they are satisfied with the design of the grip, but the more likely problem is that they accidentally hit the bottom touchpad.

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There are different versions of the Steam Deck, with the cheaper two versions having a more reflective screen glass and the most advanced version being much better.

Most games run smoothly on the Steam Deck in 720P. You can play with the mid-range performance options without feeling laggy.

Some lighter games with low computing requirements on Valve's power can go up to 8 hours.

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