MeetKai AI Startup Opens AR Metaverse Portal in Times Square Billboard

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AI initiation This week, MeetKai established a link to the metaverse via a Times Square billboard.

The billboard was used by the conversational AI provider to introduce its "AI-powered metaverse,"

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which employs augmented reality to overlay the real world with the synthetic

one via smart devices and virtual reality headsets.

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MeetKai's billboard blends metaverse images with a QR code that leads to a vivid virtual depiction

of the region on New York this week to debut the MeetKai metaverse, which you can

enter on your phone via a QR code on a Times Square billboard.

When you tap it with your smartphone camera app, the browser app produces an animated rendition of Times

Square with an avatar that represents you, which you can then use to navigate the startup's metaverse.

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