What to Think about Buying Meta Quest 2 Accessories

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Because Quest 2 accessories are so varied, giving general recommendations while purchasing one is tricky.

However, most accessories fall into one of the following categories.

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First, some accessories improve the comfort of the Quest 2. 

These are often replacement head straps, although other accessories such as a power pack can also help with ease.

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Speaking of battery packs, the Quest 2's battery life should be longer than most people want in VR,

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but there are battery banks that can be added to the headset if you need more.

Belt-clip packs are another option if you don't want the added weight, although they're not as prevalent.

Link cables are an essential Quest 2 accessory since they allow you to utilize your Quest 2 as a PC VR headset.

They are not created equal, and if you choose the incorrect one, your experience may suffer.

Finally, some accessories make using the Quest 2 easier. Custom travel cases, charging stations, and wall mounts are excellent examples.

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