Meta Quest Pro Is Designed For The Enterprise And Developers

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A high-definition, full-color mixed reality experience is unlocked by Meta Quest Pro's brand-new sensor architecture 

and high-resolution external cameras that record 4X the pixels of Meta Quest 2's external cameras. 

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Passthrough on Meta Quest 2 allows you to view the outer world in black and white.

The stereoscopic mixed reality Passthrough function in Meta Quest Pro combines various sensor images to produce a realistic 3D

This produces a higher quality and more pleasant experience with improved depth perception and less visual distortion

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

for both close-up and room-scale mixed reality situations when compared to monoscopic passthrough technologies.

On Meta Quest Pro, mixed reality enables you to realistically blend virtual and actual aspects, enhancing your social presence,

You may set up a large virtual workspace with numerous displays scattered all about you instead of being restricted to the size of your desk

The Meta Quest Pro is the slimmest and most well-balanced VR gadget we've ever created, thanks to its pancake lense

allowing you to effortlessly concentrate on the next-generation VR experiences rather than how the headset fits.

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