Roblox,  the favourite Metaverse  for teens

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Roblox is a platform combines game creation and community, allowing players to interact and create freely with friends via game. Players interact with each other by manipulating virtual characters in the game.

The Robux currency used on the platform is also interchangeable with real-life currency. In addition, Roblox also supports VR devices to increase the immersion of the user, and Roblox is arguably one of the closest metaverse worlds available.

Roblox's core audience is mainly children and teenagers. Social and interactive nature of the game world has made Roblox the most popular platform for teenagers, no less so than mainstream social platforms used by adults such as Facebook and IG.

“There's a difference between playing and playing games. The former is an act of joy, the latter — an act.”

Through its strong social attributes, Roblox was able to host events such as online conferences, PartyPlace and virtual concerts, as well as celebrity events in Roblox.

By leveraging the social and interactive nature of Roblox, the company gives developers and creators the freedom to create content that players can then play on the platform, making the virtual world more versatile and diverse.

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