The Challenges Metaverse Is Encountering

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1st. Like the current Internet, privacy is bound to be a big challenge. The "seamless connection" feature of Metaverse

means that you will have the motivation to transfer your "virtual identity" as you shuttle between different services.

It's probably OK if all services are anonymous. Still, suppose some services (such as a virtual bank) are intertwined with reality.

In that case, there may be a risk that virtual identity and real identity will be connected.

2nd. Advertising. Metaverse is an excellent opportunity for advertising and marketing. In addition to

“Good people see the good and bring out the best in other people.”

virtual products in VR space for users to appreciate, it can also have a more interactive experience.

Although it's better to have a virtual product than just looking at photos,

will it be more effective in persuading potential buyers to buy, and will it cause more shopping disputes?

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Metaverse's space is not physically limited, so advertisements can almost arbitrarily cover your vision,

pop up from inexplicable places, and even form a "roadblock." You can't move forward without reading the advertisements.

3rd. Harassment and bullying in Metaverse. Because the VR experience is closer to the real world,

“Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.”

it is easier to resent the extreme proximity of others than across the computer screen.

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For this purpose, Horizon Worlds platform has launched a bubble function called "personal boundary,"

which generates a "restricted area" with a radius of about 50 cm to combat harassment in the virtual world.

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