4 movies help you connect concept of Metaverse, available on Netflix, Disney+

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Metaverse is a hot topic, so I've compiled a list of movies related to Metaverse, and the best part is that they're all available on Netflix or Disney+!

TRON Legacy: Human beings enter a virtual programming space and defeat their opponents in a game-like race track before they can return to the real world. 

Metaverse is an immersive experience, creating a simulation of the real world that fully engages the user's five senses.

Wreck-It Ralph: an arcade version of the game, with access to the connected world via the internet, full of creativity in the spirit of Metaverse.

The biggest difference between Metaverse and existing virtual worlds such as video games is the 'cross-platform connectivity', where you can jump from one game space to another virtual concert, or transfer to a friend's party or travel itinerary.

“Books are the original virtual reality.”

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What makes Metaverse so fascinating is that instead of being isolated 3D space, it is connected and interoperable, with avatar, assets and character interactions all being portable across the entire overhead world.

Avatar: a genetically modified alien body manipulated by a realistic projection device for a protagonist who has lost his legs. 

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Metaverse is based on the idea of using AR, VR and MR to enter virtual worlds and interact with avatars through head-mounted devices.

Ready Player One: Metaverse emphasizes a common currency and production and consumption system that can be exchanged with physical fiat currency.

In this world, people can buy the items they like. Users can also earn virtual currency through creation, competitions and exchange it with real fiat currency.

This is one of the best Metaverse films ever made, but it warns us that when good technological ideals fall into the hands of the villain, a beast will be created that will consume the real world.

The virtual universe is never virtual, behind it are the personalities, desires, ambitions and powers of the real world.

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