What are the disadvantages of NFT?

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Before buying NFT, you must realize that even if its price goes to zero one day, it should not affect your daily life.

It is recommended to use the extra money to buy NFT, you must understand that NFT is a highly risky, highly speculative virtual asset.

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NFT is like a new world with unlimited opportunities and potential, but it is also a highly speculative and risky asset.

From my personal observation, looking at the volatility of Crypto is somewhat similar to looking at stocks, while NFT has two variables with double volatility.

In addition to the price fluctuations of NFT itself, the price of NFT-denominated Crypto is also fluctuating.

NFT or Crypto sometimes even skyrocket several times in a short period of time, but such a wonderfully high return is based on high risk, which is why it is said to have spare money, fully understand the risk before entering the market.

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