Oculus Meta Quest 2 new features make VR more engaging

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Many Meta Quest 2 games and apps have added a 90Hz refresh rate, including Beat Saber, Echo VR, Job Simulator, Space Pirate Trainer, SUPERHOT VR. More games will be available in the near future.

Oculus Link now also supports higher refresh rates, enabling PC VR users to use Meta Quest 2 with Link cables.

Switch between 72, 80HZ, 90Hz in their Meta quest application on PC. A new graphics adjustment panel allows gamers to fine-tune the image quality to their liking.

Meta Quest 2 users have access to Meta Move, the new system-level fitness tracker built in. With Move, gamers can track important fitness statistics.

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This is sure to come in handy as more and more people need to work from home or school and making it a great way to play your favorite fitness games at home.

Many gamers have been asking for gifts to be added to the app. Now gifts can be purchased from the Meta Store and give to other users, this is sure to see a lot of new Meta users joining.

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