Oculus Quest 2 VR FAQ for newbies

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The following advice is based on my own experience, which I have spent a lot of time on. The aim is to save newbies money and time.

Is it necessary to buy a Quest2 now that it's 2022? If you have the money, like to play games or want to try VR, Quest2 will give you a new experience in the future. If you don't have the money to spare, I suggest you just wait and see.

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I don't recommend the official version of the accessory because it's expensive and not as good as the generic version. The first must-have is the Quest 2 elite strap, which is much more comfortable, as the official version can be uncomfortable after 10 minutes of wear.

The 2nd one is the Face Cover, because the Quest 2's nose area leaks a lot of light and it is necessary to experience the immersive VR world.

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The 3rd is the Quest link, which is essential for wired streaming or connecting to the PC version of Oculus!

How to put content from your computer into VR? Connect your computer with the link cable, download the PC version of oculus, pair it up, turn on the source in your settings. 

Finally you will be able to control your computer in quest2 and enjoy high quality computer content such as watching videos, playing STEAM and even everyday use without any problems.

If you have problems using it, or want to erase all your data, you can restore the factory settings with your phone or headset. All settings, account data and content will be removed. 

The content you have purchased or downloaded will "not" be removed from your account as a result of restoring the factory settings.

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I hope this content is helpful to you, and you are welcome to share it. Cheers~

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