It is still not clean with a general toothbrush. Even dentists recommend using a sonic toothbrush.

Persistent oral problems? Why not switch to a sonic electric toothbrush!

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Using a sonic vibrating toothbrush and a general toothbrush is like a washing machine and hand washing. Although all of these can have a cleaning effect, efficiency is much different.

Q1. The sonic vibrating toothbrush place on the gums and teeth without being brushed up and down. Will it be clean?

Sonic vibration shatters difficult dental plaque through the high frequency of sonic vibration. It can effectively drive the water flow to massage the gums and penetrate deep into the interdental gap.

Q2. Will the sonic toothbrush hurt the gums or damage the enamel?

The hardest thing to overcome in oral cleaning is how to control the brushing force at 250g which can remove plaque without damaging the enamel and gums. You can choose a sonic vibrating toothbrush with a "pressure sensing function". When the force is too strong, the handle will remind you to put it down.

Q3. Who is suitable for sonic toothbrushes?

For the pursuit of effective plaque cleaning, teeth whitening, and fresh breath, sonic vibrating toothbrushes should be used early.

Q4. Is the sonic toothbrush different from other electric toothbrushes?

If an electric toothbrush or a poor-quality sonic toothbrush vibrates less than 23,000 times or more than 35,000 times, it will not produce enough cleaning function.

Q5. What is the difference between the sonic toothbrush head and the general head?

The more it fits the contours of teeth and gums, the better. The diamond-shaped bristles are good at whitening teeth, the curved bristles can protect the gums, and the ultra-long high-density bristles on the top make it easier to clean the back teeth area.

Q6. How often do I need to change the battery? Any electric leakage problem?

The sonic toothbrush uses a rechargeable lithium battery and can last for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Electric toothbrushes can choose IPX7 full-machine waterproof to ensure no electric leakage.

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