How To Pick Hiking Boots Before Buying?

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You need to consider certain things that are specific to your location and the type of hiking you will do. 

First, consider what type of terrain you will be hiking. Will you be trekking over snow or mud, carrying a heavy pack to the top of a mountain, or carrying a lightweight backpack on a desert hike?

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Next, consider the climate. Do you live in a wet rainforest where you will be trekking through the mud and then back to your tent every day? 

Or do you live in a dry climate where you will predominantly be walking on rocky ground? Finally, consider the width of the boots. 

If you have a narrow foot, you will want to choose a boot with a D width or maybe even a little bit wider to ensure the boots fit well. 

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If you are going on a snowy mountain, you might need warmer boots. If you are in a wet jungle, water-proof boots are best as they are made specifically for that environment.

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You will also want to consider the climate you will be hiking in to ensure that your boots will be able to deal with the specific weather condition.

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