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Save More Space When Live Streaming from Home

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Smart, light  & on budget

If you’re looking for ideas to make your live streaming and paycheck go further, you’ll find plenty on the next few pages. Welcome!

Minimal Gears, Maxiumal Productivity 

This kit took me a few weeks of trial and error to figure out the efficient way to live streaming from home and oh-so-easy.

Rule of Thumb

Bulky Gears Messy Wires

Space Utilization Work Flow Productivity



Smart Investment

A whole lot of merchandise will quickly flood on the table while live streaming. How can I make more space in this small working space? Maybe bigger table :)

Therefore I can't let my table being occupied by photography gears cause I don't have room for that. If I don't absolutely need it, I don’t use it. Simple.

Break rules. Who needs a tripod anyway. Be flexible. These kits make a great substitution for making the most of a small space. Mix things up. Combining the ball head and C-clamp not only saves space but also mobility.

A good stable base doesn’t have to be complicated. If you can clamp on the desk, who needs a bulky tripod? Put this C-clamp under the table, and there you have it: instant stable base!

You Need One

As you can see, there is no tripod, no arm stand, no messy wires fly around on the table. The benefit of this setup can maximum my working space.

When live streaming, I need to take many goods on the table, if there is something block in the middle of the working area such as a tripod. It will decline my productivity severely.

To connect C-clamp with the ring light, this compact Ball Head is a perfect fit.


Horizontal beats verticle when it comes to reducing space waste; When finishing live stream and remove the ring light, there is no object prominent on the table. Flat surface is all I want.

Forget fancy tripod with eleven angles or arm stand with extravagant settings. This compact kit keeps things simple: getting easy, smooth workflow when live streaming in no time.

Simplicity, mobility (and space) are at the heart of this live streaming kit.

Minimal in style, maxium in space: these kit create a tidier look in a room with a lot going on.

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