Buy house first or stock first? Read before you investment

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Although life does not necessarily have to buy a house, but I believe that this will be a problem for most people, after all, you may also want to have their own house well, there will naturally be the question of when to buy a house.

The general concept is that buying a house is a very important thing, "A house is your asset, buying a house means having a family".

If you have read "Rich Dad Poor Dad", you should know that owning a property is not an asset at all, and even if you have a lot of mortgage payments, a house is only a debt that "takes money away from you every month".

On the contrary, if you invest in a company that makes money, these stocks are an "asset" for you, and these stocks will bring you stream of passive income, so do you think you should have a liability or an asset first?

Do you want to buy a house first if your mortgage rate is low? Don't blindly buy a house just because the mortgage rate is low, you still have a lot of things to consider!

“A man in poverty suffers intermittently but a man in debt suffers constantly.”

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1: Calculate how much you need to borrow each month: You need to calculate your budget for buying a house, the term of the loan, the total price of the house, etc., because this will impact quality of life and loan affordability.

2: Measure your ability to pay the loan: At any moment before you pay off the loan, although the house is apparently in your name, the house will be the bank's when you can't pay the mortgage!

3: Price is not not going to fall: houses are like commodities, a law of supply and demand, like the Japanese economic bubble in 1992 caused the collapse of the real estate market, property value are definitely not only going up.

4: Whether you will change your workplace: Sometimes life is so wonderful that you have to leave your residence when suddenly change jobs or getting married.

Back to the most fundamental question, that is, "Do you have enough money. If your goal today is to buy a 300k house, I suggest that it is best to have more than 210k in cash before you buy a house, so that you can live a better quality of life.

With a 70-80% mortgage, you can invest 30% of your money in solid commodities with a 5-8% annual return, so you won't be tied up in the mortgage, and you'll still have a chance to keep the money rolling in.

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