Sifu - Fighting in Sloclap Kung Fu Story

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I've been fascinated by Sloclap's martial arts fighting game Sifu ever since it was unveiled. It seems to be an homage to classic martial arts movies.

Sifu - a 3D kung fu action-adventure game about a young kung fu apprentice who sets out to avenge the death of his family.

Use your powers to hunt down and destroy the gang that killed your family when you were a kid.

The five-man team are the leaders of various crime syndicates and to find them, you must fight hordes of criminals and master martial arts to take on the bosses.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

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Players have the freedom to choose their characters as male and female and traverse the city through a variety of stages including office buildings, nightclubs and shady side streets.

The player's greatest weapon is the ability to revive at the cost of aging when they die, allowing them to use this system to accumulate age and change their abilities each time they die.

The idea behind the aging system is that every time you die in battle, you get a little older.

Sloclap is a system that deserves praise because it is very well designed and really embodies the precision and fluidity of martial arts.

The combat and aging system is designed at its core to create an hard experience. You don't really realize this until you first encounter the first boss at the end of the first level.

If you're really determined and can handle being kicked around for hours on end, then Sifu may be the perfect game for you.

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