Warner Music Group unveil Concert Theme Park in Sandbox Metaverse

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Fans get their hands on a nearby 'land' via The Sandbox platform. How will celebrity singer fit into the world of Metaverse?

Perhaps the way Ariana Grande turned her image into a Fortnite character earlier could be a good example. Sandbox Metaverse platform has announced their first 'concert theme park' in collaboration with Warner Music.

Warner artists such as Ed Sheeran, Green Day and Dua Lipa are expected to perform on the virtual stage, and there will even be different experiences available.

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Sandbox is also planning to sell the 'land' near the 'concert theme park' so that fans can get closer to their favourite idols.

In addition to Warner, Universal Music has also announced the launch of Metaverse characters of its artists, with Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki coming into the world of The Sandbox under their own names.

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